Reckless Driving

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Charged with a Serious Traffic Offense?

If you are pulled over for Reckless Driving, it is vital that you hire a Fairfax criminal defense attorney right away. At Carleton Penn III, we have more than 35 years of experience defending a wide range of traffic crimes, including all types of reckless driving. We are dedicated to advocating for you and ensuring that your rights are not violated during criminal proceedings.
It is important that you have a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer on your side who can defend your rights and protect your driving privileges.

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What Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving can constitute a wide range of offenses, from speeding to failing to follow traffic laws. There are specific actions which are considered reckless, but the interpretation of the arresting police officer can come into play. For example, if you believed you were following the law but your behavior is perceived as dangerous to others on the road, you may be arrested.

A few examples of actions which can be considered reckless driving include:
  • The inability to control your car
  • Racing or speeding
  • Failing to stop for a police vehicle
  • Failing to stop for a school bus
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We work hard to help our clients' avoid reckless driving convictions through a meticulous investigation process. If we can determine that any errors were made during your arrest or citation, the charges may be dismissed or reduced.

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