Suspended License

Driving on a Suspended Driver's License in Virginia

Representing Serious Traffic Offenses

Have you been arrested and charged with driving on a revoked or suspended license? Driving after your privileges have been revoked is a serious crime and can lead to further suspension as well as a variety of other penalties. It is important that you act quickly to defend yourself from the consequences and work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to either restore your driving privileges or minimize legal ramifications.

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Why Licenses Get Suspended or Revoked

We work with clients who have had their licenses suspended and revoked for a variety of reasons. Under Virginia law, there are a number of different causes for a driver's license suspensions. If you are confused about the charges against you or concerned about the possible consequences, it is advisable that you contact Carleton Penn III, who is an experienced traffic defense attorney.

A few of the most common types of license suspensions include:
  • Failing to pay your traffic tickets
  • Failing to pay child support obligations
  • Prior DUI conviction
  • Too many points on your license
  • Failing to have insurance
Put a Trusted Traffic Defense Attorney on Your Side!

My priority is to resolve your case in the least impact way possible. I strive to help you avoid a criminal record and the other consequences of a traffic offense, especially in the case of a first offense. Whenever possible, I work to minimize the penalties and aggressively defend your rights and your future. When you hire Carleton Penn III, you can trust that I am dedicated to using my experience and skill to aid your success. Read our past testimonials to learn more!

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