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I haven't enough good words to describe what Carleton Penn did for me and my family.

I haven't enough good words to describe what Carleton Penn did for me and my family. My wife made assault charges against me, had me banned from my home and had me banned from my children. Carleton put together a defense that can only be described as genius and eventually brought about all charges being dismissed. I have no doubt that his aggressive defense directly resulted in my wife recanting all charges against me and led to her seeking medical help for her unstable emotional condition. Carleton responded to my phone calls and e-mails immediately 7 days a week and all hours of the day and night (as late as 3am on occasion). The situation I found myself in was totally alien to me and that time was one of my most vulnerable points in life. Carleton was unbelievably sensitive to my emotional needs to a degree I would never have expected from an attorney. Throughout my dealings with Carleton I never doubted that he made my problems, his problems. Carleton's efforts were always clearly driven to not only remedy my immediate criminal charges needs, but he was also conscientious about laying a ground work of recovery for my family including me, my children and my wife. I thank God everyday for finding Carleton.


Recognized expertise and reputation of success.

I was facing assault charges in Fairfax, VA and Mr. Penn was able to have the charges dismissed. I was facing a potential jail sentence, $2,500 in fines and possible medical reimbursement for the complainant's broken nose. Mr. Penn's knowledge and expertise were invaluable in clearing me of the charge. Mr. Penn was not only extremely knowledgeable of the law, but also very familiar with the judges and the entire process exclusive to the Fairfax, VA court system, having had so many years of experience and success. Mr. Penn's straightforward approach and mentality of success helped me to get through the ordeal and reassured me greatly. I recall asking Mr. Penn what possible sentence I could expect, his answer was, "Bite your tongue!" Mr. Penn then informed me that his intention was to prove I was not guilty. I was so certain that I was going to be found guilty that I saw no other outcome and focused on the jail sentence. Mr. Penn proved to be right and I cannot stress how fortunate I was to have sought and retained his services. Other attorneys I consulted painted a far bleaker outcome and all wanted to charge me twice what Mr. Penn was charging me. Even after the trial, the judge had additional comments, and when he was finished, he turned to Mr. Penn for validation. Words really can't describe how fortunate I was to have been represented by Mr. Penn. If you find yourself needing an attorney, look no further than Mr. Penn. He's the man. 'Nuff said.


Carleton Penn III: Not just "Bang for Your Buck," but he's as cunning as a fox

I was a client of this attorney during the winter of 2010. What I really liked about this attorney’s services was his crisp – sometimes assertive – instructions to me about what I absolutely had to do to best assist him in preparation for trial. For example, I was instructed to find, and as it could not be found, fabricate a box and its contents, just exactly the same in every way possible as the box containing 12 bank statements and two six-part files which the accuser said was thrown at him with such force that it made a 1” cut on his face, the basis of the “Assault and Battery” charge that the accuser had sworn out before a magistrate just after the police told him to finally leave my office. With regard to the Possession of Marijuana charge that resulted when the same police office came the next day to deliver the Assault and Battery warrant, as Carleton predicted, it did not go at all as the police officer “promised” it would. I was found “Not Guilty” on the Assault and Battery charge. The Possession of Marijuana charge was eventually dropped. Carleton is firm, made no promises, and everything turned out just fine. I liked that about him. There was a moment when I thought Carleton was a tad bit insensitive. As we were telling the bizarre story of events, my wife broke out crying. Carleton promptly reached back for a box of facial tissue and slid it a bit abruptly toward my wife. AFTER A BIT, WE BOTH FIGURED OUT THAT WE NEEDED TO STAY FOCUSED IN ORDER TO GET THE JOB DONE. WE DID; HE DID.


Carleton Penn III Is the One You Can Turn to and Trust

Carleton Penn III represented my former fiancée on numerous charges. Charges including DUI's, drug possession, Hit and run. Carleton prevailed on each and every charge, he was divine. The partners at the firm said, "he could walk on water." After my break up a year later I had Carleton represent me as well. It was a reckless driving charge and he prevailed in my defense as well. Carleton Penn III is more than a Lawyer he has become a trusted friend at the most trying and difficult times in one's life, Carleton Penn III is the one you can turn to and trust with your legal problems. Professionalism from an Attorney that has practiced for more than thirty years that understands what you’re going through and that cares about your life.


He exemplifies the poise and intellect you expect from a top level attorney.

I found my experience with Carleton Penn to be easy going and free from worry. He exemplifies the poise and intellect you expect from a top level attorney. Working with him I felt like I had a big brother looking out for me providing sound legal advice every step of the legal process. If you are looking for an attorney who will treat you like family and a legal firm with impeccable service, seek out Carleton Penn III.


Had a great experience with Carleton!

Great Lawyer. Had a great experience with Carleton! I received an 87/55 reckless driving by speed citation on the Dulles Toll Rd. He was able to get it reduced to improper driving. It's obvious that he's been doing this for a while.


Mr. Penn did a great job with all responsibility as my attorney.

Mr. Penn did a great job with all responsibility as my attorney. I can't say enough about his overall attitude and work ethic.


Excellent Lawyer!

Reckless driving charge of 88/55 dropped to a speeding ticket with fine of $110. Very easy to deal with and I would highly recommend


Best Attorney around

Mr. Penn is absolutely the best attorney I've had the pleasure of doing business with. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, and caring. I highly recommend him.


Helpful to the End!

I had a very good experience with Mr. Penn, He was helpful with all questions about my case and kept me informed about what to expect, and we won my case!

Michael Pate

Carleton came highly recommended to me, and I couldn’t of asked for a better representation for myself in the courtroom. Carleton will fight for justice where justice is deserved and he has my recommendation and support 100%.